Apple OSX Mt Lion “Dictation” vs. Google Chrome speech recognition

Last week, we tried out Google Chrome’s Speech Recognition feature to see how it performed. We thought it was decent, but not capable of lengthy sentences. It also made some funny mistakes!

We just received our new Apple Macbook Pro with Retina Display. It comes with Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion, which includes built in speech recognition in any program where you can type through a feature called, “Dictation.”

So we read the same recipe that we used with Google Chrome. It seems to be a bit more polished. It could handle longer speaking times and seemed to be a bit more accurate.

Although in both tests, “Pulse vegetables” resulted in entertaining results.

Google Chrome: “Call a vegetable”

Apple Dictation: “Paul festivals”

Sounds like we need to call a vegetable and visit Paul’s festivals ūüôā

Apple Dictation results of recipe

Apple Dictation


Google Chrome speech recognition results

Original recipe

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