Creating a Video: 11 Tips to Receive Rave Reviews

In my previous two jobs, I have produced over 60 promotional videos, so I have a few tips to offer on how to create a great video.

I’ve done it on the cheap and with a big budget. And, since I only had one video class in college, I learned from experience…and from my incredibly talented crew of video editors, videographers, and directors.

Plus, most of the videos I created played in front of a crowd of 500+ people, and there’s nothing like a live reaction to know if the video is a success or a flop. Luckily, I experienced more successes than flops!

Video Creation Tips:

  • Have a point: what is the action you want the audience to take or the piece of information you want them to remember?
  • Keep it brief: Five minutes of video is an eternity. It doesn’t matter that you spent 3 days shooting the footage. Be ruthless when you cut.
  • Cut ruthlessly: Remove anything that doesn’t move the video forward.
  • Consider the audience’s perspective: It’s not all about you.
  • Boring is boring: If it puts you to sleep, no magic can make it interesting.
  • Entertain: Be funny (or fun) if you can.
  • It’s a video for a reason: Provide as many visuals as you can.
  • Set the tone: Music is really important.
  • Make it flow: Have a plan and work on the transitions. People remember stories as long as they’re brief.
  • Be considerate: Make people look good.
  • Go for quality: Hire a good editor and videographer or learn to be the best yourself.

Videos are a powerful medium; I hope you get the most bang out of your buck!


Sonia is the marketing strategist & word geek for NeuConcept.