Driving eBusiness Momentum, Inspiring Collaboration and Progress

I had the opportunity to write an article about Tim Powers, chairman and CEO of Hubbell, Inc., for NEMA’s ei Magazine recently about for their Personalities, Profiles and Progress in the Industry section. I had a front row seat nearly a decade ago when Tim helped drive the electrical industry’s eBusiness efforts when I was on staff at the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED). My video team interviewed him several times and helped publicize his support for the industry’s data synchronization efforts.

I was always impressed at his leadership and boldness to stand and share his vision for the future. It was vitally important at that time.

In the article, it was interesting to hear how his company is able to measure and quantify their savings through eBusiness. The efficiency and paperless aspects of eBusiness also make it a large component of Hubbell’s sustainability initiative.


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