Fit for the Victory…

New Marketing Strategy Helps VictoryUs Fitness Kickoff Healthy Innovation

It’s always fun to help a business launch. And it’s even more meaningful when you have personally experienced the impact of that business.

Victoria is a certified AFPA (American Fitness Professional & Associates) instructor for women, teaching cardio kickboxing, yoga, ballet barre and more.

When Victoria decided to expand her efforts, she selected NeuConcept. For Sonia, one of her students, it’s been an honor to help launch VictoryUs Fitness to new heights.

Faith & Fitness Coming to Life

VictoryUS Logo

Victoria’s innovative approach to health includes focusing on both the physical and spiritual wellbeing of her clients.

NeuConcept is empowering Victoria to connect with a wider audience by developing marketing strategies which best reflect her goals and plans for the business.

It’s exciting to help Victoria formalize what she loves doing. By developing the right tools, she can minimize administrative obstacles while expanding her positive influence to help many more women become healthier and whole,” Sonia said.

NeuConcept crafted a new logo, website and promotional cards for VictoryUs Fitness, as well as streamlined her blog and automated her client registration and update processes through a secure email service.

Branding and Digital Presence

NeuConcept developed branding for VictoryUs that embraced its faith and fitness mission. The logo design is more feminine and personal than most in the industry, with a subtle reference to Victoria’s Christian values. A hand-lettering option captured the right tone, while the texture and bright, layered colors brought the logo to life, giving it movement and vibrancy.

VictoryUs Main Page

The team then merged the previous blog and website into one new redesigned site. It now offers increased functionality for both Victoria and her clients and is mobile-friendly with responsive design. Victoria can easily manage the site content, and she’s providing inspirational and health-related resources including recipes, reflections, exercises, nutrition tips and links.

The overall layout has a clean, meditative look with repeating subtle patterns and peaceful, outdoor scenes. To complement this imagery, the site has text that is personable and inviting, based on the instructor’s training, family life and faith experience.

Results and Next Steps

Marketing is always a work in progress—reaching for that next goal. Building the base of branding and marketing materials is key to a successful launch.

Victoria shared her thoughts on our Facebook page: “It’s a blast to see things come to fruition! Thanks to my amazing and talented friends at NeuConcept Productions, I’ve updated and redesigned my website. It’s very user-friendly… and nice all around.”

In addition to her personal training and exercise classes, Victoria is planning group fitness retreats for women.

Being fit is a key ingredient to being healthy and reducing stress. VictoryUs Fitness brings traditional experience with innovative approaches. I can’t wait to go on a fitness retreat!” said Sonia.


Mary is a writer and grammar geek for NeuConcept.