Google Search Nirvana

I’m so pleased when others help to outline the most important tips to access fast, quality searches. recently outlined some quick ways to use Google search more effectively.

  • OR word or “|” character  – enables you to search for variants
  • Tilde (~) character – uses synonyms.  So like lets say your looking for a SEO Primer page or paper.  Searching for “SEO Primer” (without quotes) does not deliver very good results.. but SEO ~primer (without quotes) now gives results for SEO tips, SEO basics, SEO review, SEO introduction, SEO Guide etc etc.
  • Asterisk (*) character – when you are searching for an exact match of something but synonym isnt getting it done… you can use asterisks.  For instance if your searching for something in SEO like “really cool seo *” (use quotes on that one).

Happy searching!


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