Practical Wisdom for Leaders

We watched an interesting documentary show on the Sundance Channel, called Iconoclasts. This particular episode focused on Sumner Redstone, who controls media empire, Viacom, and movie producer Brian Glazer.

Redstone said some things that were worthy to be quoted. So I paused the Tivo and took notes.

Here’s a few words of leadership wisdom from Sumner Redstone:

“What I look for in people are commitment, competence and character. Without character, commitment and competence are not relevant.”

“Get loyalty by giving loyalty, particularly if a person is in some kind of trouble or problem.”

“People who are successful and good at what they do are not arrogant.”

“Optimism is the only philosophy that’s compatible with sanity.”

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Sonia is the marketing strategist & word geek for NeuConcept.