Headed in the Right Direction?

compass21Every day we see companies doing things to market their companies… and hoping that it will equal more sales.

  • Sending out an email.
  • Creating a sales sheet.
  • Cold-calling prospects.
  • Paying for an ad.

In fact, quite often we get a call from someone at company and they say, “We need a… (fill in the blank).”

We can deliver the marketing help companies want.

But to be the most effective, it helps to dig in a bit deeper.

It’s important to outline some goals, objectives and strategies before the “doing” gets going.

We can walk you through this process or your team can delve in.

We wanted to share some helpful questions to get you thinking.

  • What is your current marketing process?
  • What is working well and what needs improvement?
  • What segment of your business is most profitable?
  • How is your market changing? Threats? Opportunities?
  • How would you like to grow your business?
  • What obstacles do you face?
  • What stops people from signing on the dotted line or making the purchase?
  • What is your most common roadblock: client doing nothing, going with competitor or something else?
  • What are your competitors doing the same or different?
  • What are the competitive pressures you face?
  • What would be considered success? What is measurable?

We enjoy providing an outside perspective and breaking down assumptions. Thinking about these questions can help you to spot upcoming trends in your market, identify key areas to tackle, and set benchmarks for the future.

Taking the time to walk through this process ensures your marketing is headed in the right direction.

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Sonia is the marketing strategist & word geek for NeuConcept.