Perception Is Reality

This is the kick-off post of my new business-related blog, Word Out.

I chose this name because it’s fun, and right on with what every organization needs to do to be successful. Getting the word out to your target audiences is so important; it shapes how people view your organization. Reality is shaped by people’s perceptions, whether those perceptions are correct or incorrect. Example: A company can do an excellent job, but if those in their target audience don’t know or are misinformed, then that “excellent” reality may never be discovered.

I’m launching this blog in tandem with my new business, Coleman Unlimited. I’ll share tips on how to work better and faster, as well as ways to improve communication. Plus, since I’ve worked with many CEOs on management communication and presentation skills, I’ll also share some tips for those at the top.

Let’s work together to get the word out!

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Sonia is the marketing strategist & word geek for NeuConcept.