How We Work

Collaborative Approach

Proven Process

Our collaborative approach enables flexibility while maximizing our time spent working together with you.

FREE—After covering some initial information, we'll start with a brief meeting (30 - 60 minutes). While we cover the essential details, we also want to learn more why you want to move forward with this project. The more we know about your business, the problems you face, and the “tomorrow” you’re looking to arrive at, the better equipped we’ll be to recommend the best path to get there.

Working Together

Assuming we’re a good fit for each other, the next step is either Discovery roadmapping or selecting a package.

Our roadmapping process involves up to 3 strategy sessions and provides a report detailing the scope of the project, key audiences, timelines as well as possible paths to move forward with cost estimates. This clear scope results in more productive and cost-effective work together later. Starting at $1500.

If your scope is straightforward, selecting a package makes sense. We have developed packages for popular projects, like a professional website or marketing materials. This provides a quick start and follows our established process, resulting in less cost and a shorter timeline.


Most of our client relationships continue in some form. These are the paths that enable us to support you.

Custom projects usually follow discovery. A custom project usually has a defined scope and timeframe. When that scope is completed, you may choose to continue with any of the other support options or pursue another custom project.

The choice between a project and partnership is determined by the scope and length of our relationship together. Partner plans are planned quarterly, with weekly or biweekly status calls. Often our work together becomes more interlaced as we become part of your team.

Consulting is designed for advisory services or a la carte. We also have consulting packages for specific needs, like advising, coaching or moderating.

Website Care Plans ensure security, platform updates, minimized downtime, proactive website monitoring and more. We have three different plans (Protect, Proactive, Pro) to help you.


Consulting & Discovery

Often, what's needed to spark motivation is an advisor or coach with an objective perspective. It's a great way to accomplish goals and increase productivity.

Guiding Force

The NeuConcept team provides a variety of consulting services:

  • Discovery
  • Coaching
  • Mac/iPhone/iPad Set up and optimization
  • Moderation/Training Sessions/Qualitative Research
  • Website or Marketing Review

Discovery Roadmapping

When our work together is clearly defined, we can achieve more together. First questions are almost always “How much will it cost?” and “How long will it take?” If your initiative doesn’t fit one of our packages, then we believe it's essential to invest in discovery roadmapping.

Building effective marketing and online efforts are a lot like building a house. Many steps exist in the process and each impacts the overall outcome: location, blueprints, designs, color palettes, framing and finishing.

Our discovery process involves working collaboratively with you to define objectives, create clear expectations and outline ways to approach your market. This helps avoid unnecessary expenses and poor decisions and translates goals into actions. At the end of your discovery, you’ll have the information necessary for a formal budget, timeline and strategy outline.


Even the best sports teams equip and coach their players to improve. We advise on PR, marketing and technology. This can include strategy, industry trends, ways to handle challenges, researching tools, increasing productivity, public speaking, growing influence, media training and developing processes.

Mac/iPhone/iPad Consulting

Time is one of the few things we can't manufacture. What if you could save hours each week? We are experts in MacOS and iOS. We can equip you with the best tools and teach you how to save time. We can also solve technical problems and ensure your information is backed up and secure.

Moderation/Training Sessions/Qualitative Research 

A fresh perspective can be invaluable. We moderate meetings (internally or externally), provide half- to whole-day training sessions on digital or marketing topics, and gather feedback for qualitative research through interviews and focus groups.

Website/Marketing Review

Clarity is the key to success. We review your marketing and/or online experience from the perspective of a visitor or customer. For the website, this may include reviewing your company's messaging, navigation, statistics, interviewing customers, and evaluating the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). For marketing and PR, we review materials, direct marketing (email/social/digital/mail), ROI and scan numerous sources to evaluate your reputation. We can also help you set up monitoring mechanisms and evaluation techniques that you can implement and manage internally.


Website, Marketing & PR Packages

Packages are designed to make life easier. Our packages provide you with the essentials, plus enough customization to make your project shine.

We’ve worked with many companies and know what's necessary for a professional website or marketing materials. Our packages are based on our experience and cover the essentials, providing a fixed scope and cost. (See Consulting for discovery, moderation or other a la carte services.) 

We offer packages for:

  • Professional Website
  • Marketing Materials
  • Public Relations
  • Industry Influencer
  • Branding
  • Social Media

What happens if I need more than what's in the package?

We can enter into discovery or deal with any issues if and when they happen. If you want something outside the scope, we’ll bring it to your attention, discuss options and create a gameplan (and budget if necessary).

For common additions, our add-on packages include:

  • Content creation
  • Email set-up
  • Content migration
  • Graphic Manipulation
  • and more…


Partner Plans

Our Partner Plans are designed for on-going, proactive support and are limited to a select few companies so we can ensure top quality.

One of our favorite things to do is to build relationships with clients and help them achieve their goals over the long-term. When we can come alongside a company and become part of their team, it's not only satisfying, but it’s also cost-effective and productive.

Step 1: Good Fit?

To ensure we’re a good fit for each other, we’ll first engage on a discovery roadmapping process to review your strategic objectives, competitive landscape and develop a short-term and long-range plan. From this, we’ll provide you with a roadmap that you can use to work with us or any other firm.

Step 2: Select the level.

After Discovery, we’ll present different levels that we can work together. Our Partner Plans are initially a six-month commitment to get started and often range from $1500 - $6500 per month. Typically, our Partner Plans include planned proactive aspects for ongoing progress and a la carte elements that can be applied based on priority.

We offer Partner Plans in the following areas:

  • Website Development & Analytics
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Consulting

To track progress and ensure clear communication, we offer our clients weekly or biweekly status updates and a user-friendly project management system where everyone on the team can communicate and upload files. We set goals and are proactive to ensure progress. We then work together to drive business and work smarter.

Step 3: Enjoy your peace of mind.

Top 9 Benefits to a NeuConcept Partner Plan:

  1. Priority response
  2. Preferred service
  3. Proactive project management
  4. Perspective & strategy
  5. Productivity
  6. Polish
  7. Proficiency & teamwork
  8. Planning & consistent budgeting
  9. ...and of course, peace of mind 

Best Bang for the Buck

We’ve found that we can best help organizations reach their goals when we develop a long-term relationship, with resources committed for continual improvement through a preferred support agreement.

This is the best bang for your buck because you get proactive project management, strategy, and diverse, high-level talent… for a fraction of what it would take you to hire equivalent staff.

Part of the Team

Besides enhanced productivity, we love helping clients develop their big picture strategy and accomplish key goals. Too often marketing and online efforts become neglected and outdated. As a part of your team, we can be proactive and ensure these efforts have the most impact. We’ll bring continuity and consistency, plus we can assist with strategy and planning more effectively because we’ll know your history. It thrills us to partner with our clients and see them grow and succeed in new areas.