Inoreader comes to the rescue for RSS feed readers everywhere

RSS Trauma

When Google Reader shut down last July, millions of RSS feed reading folks were left in the lurch.

My husband, Brett, the tech genius of our household and this company, meticulously researched solutions as spends much of his free time reading feeds. (Most evenings, I inquire if he has “finished the Internet yet” which is code for “Have you finished monitoring all the tech, Apple, lifehacks, deal sites, Craigslist, and various other RSS feeds?”)

New Native iOS7 App Saves the Day

Inoreader RSS Feed Reader search

Inoreader iOS app’s search function

Since last week, he’s been a happy camper, talking about the new Inoreader iOS app, which is clean, native, and free. Inoreader’s new iOS 7 app is also bestowed with Brett’s highest compliment: efficient.

He’s been using Feeddler’s app, but it hasn’t been updated and is still… shhh… don’t tell anyone: iOS 6.

Inoreader also provides some options to upgrade, for $2.99-4.99/mo. Brett is seriously considering it.

Since he uses Inoreader everyday, this is a big deal. He likes that he can swipe to read full articles, search his feeds, and generally be master of the Internet every night.

I am slowly rebuilding my feeds and reducing my browser clutter in Inoreader as well.

RSS Readers for Beginners

If you aren’t familiar with RSS readers, they enable you to subscribe to a website so you are notified of new articles. You can then use the feed reader to browse hundreds or even thousands of websites in a much more speedy manner. Most folks are unaware of them outside of the tech geeks. If you’ve never used one before, check it out!

Get the scoop on the features on Inoreader’s new iOS7 app.

For the casual reader and consumer of news and articles, many others exist, including Flipboard, Feedly and others.

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