Linkedin Now Has Events: Great for Associations and Local Networking Groups

Business networking website now has an events function, which is a great step to really becoming a competitor to Facebook. For all of us who have ever worked in associations, this feature makes the pulse jump a tad! You can add an event and then link your participation to it, as a speaker, organizer or attendee.Linkedin's new events page

I think this will be an excellent feature for many groups. I already want to start adding the monthly luncheons for my local PRSA and NFPW chapter. Plus, it will give me a reason to log on to Linkedin more often.

The thing that I see that’s missing is the ability to invite others to your events, like Facebook does. Also, the events that show up are auto-selected, rather than something you choose. But no matter what the bugs, this is a great new feature.

I imported all of my contacts into Linkedin (which I’ve been intending to do for about 6 months). Now, after the holiday, I plan to let it rip and so how many of my business associates I can connect with through the site.

Check out the new Linkedin events feature (there’s even a video). And while you are there, connect with me.


Sonia is the marketing strategist & word geek for NeuConcept.