Logos with Personality

PBS Off Book created a mini documentary on logo design, and although it’s impossible to capture the essence of the history, purpose, style, and process of creating logos in six minutes, it’s fun to at least get a glimpse.

My top take-away:

Design with the brand’s personality in mind.

This “mask” will represent your brand to the world. With just a snap judgement, how will the world characterize you? Will that still be how you want to be recognized in twenty years? Characterize a personality and stay timeless instead of transforming your identity whenever a service is added or removed.

My favorite part as a designer:

The creators are already apologizing for the white backgrounds behind the logos not completely matching the backdrop of the video. I know it’s a weird element to get excited about, but it just goes to show how much designers care about the end product, down to the tiniest detail.

If you don’t have six minutes to spare, here are just a few of the logos spotted in the video.

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Natalie is art director and design geek at NeuConcept.