Mailbox for iOS Has Great Potential

Being such a fan of UI and usability, I tend to always look for something better. Email is something we all I’m sure do quite a bit of. In my quest for nirvana, I came across a tool that says it works with email. I find that somewhat false, as it only works with gmail (which of course is email).

The tool was recently acquired by Dropbox, called Mailbox.


If setting up gmail for the first time, this is the perfect tool for you. Being a power user with many labels and emails, the issues holding me back are:

  1. I can’t figure out how to change the from address to another email address, even though it’s excepted and verified with gmail. Deal breaker here.
  2. Does not appear to work with current labels unless you want to reconfigure all your IMAP filed emails, labels and locations.
  3. ALL Mail IMAP folder turned on looks like a requirement, duplicating storage of over 10 years of my messages and labels in Apple Mail. Not cool!

I think with some tweaks to settings by Dropbox, all 3 of these issues can be overcome. I’m looking forward to this, because the interface is fantastic! And if I’ve missed the obvious, please enlighten me…

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