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I’ve always enjoyed a challenge. Recently, we were issued the challenge to concisely debunk some myths and illustrate them as well. Standardized, automated product data is key to marketing, especially powering ecommerce sites. But sourcing that data directly from manufacturers to distributors is a technical and sometimes bumpy road, full of techie terms and hard to visualize transactions.

The folks at the Electro-Federation of Canada wanted to focus on the top misconceptions that existed with their members about this product data and the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) that housed the information. So we worked with IDW’s staff to narrow it down to the top 5 myths and then outlined the reality.

With anything technical, the challenge is to explain it accurately but simply. But it is also difficult to visualize… so we decided to go with a detective theme, since we were searching for truth. We developed custom illustrations to grab the readers’ attention as well as provide a visual cue for later social media conversations surrounding the five myths.

Check it out: Myth vs. Reality: IDW Fast Facts for Canada


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