New Adobe CS5 – New Indesign Features to Drool Over

The New CS5

The New CS5

My husband is the geek who is normally glued to the screen every time new software or hardware comes out. But this time, I’m the one who’s excited! Thanks to Terry White, a trainer for Adobe and excellent blogger, we got a sneak peek of the top five new features in all of the new Adobe Creative Suite 5 programs. But since my background has been in writing and desktop publishing, Indesign earned most of my “Ohhhs and Ahhhs.”

Back in the day, I spent days with my eyes glued to a tiny screen laying out my college yearbook in PageMaker and since then, I’ve grown to love Adobe’s Pagemaker reincarnation, InDesign. If only we could use InDesign instead of Microsoft Word for everything! (Of course, I used Quark too… but I never grew to love it.)

If you’d like to see the new features (and efficiencies) with the new CS5, check out Terry White’s Top Features in CS5 Videos.

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