On the Path of Discovery

3 Ways to Boost Your Marketing Awesomeness

You want your business or organization to be top-of-mind, make an impact, be successful and grow. You know that better marketing is the key to take it to the next level, but aren’t sure how to go about it or who to turn to.

Discovery is the first, crucial step toward achieving your goals.


#1 Talk to the Experts

Building effective marketing is a lot like building a house. Many steps exist in both processes and each impacts the overall outcome:

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Just as you need a trusted, experienced professional to build your home, the same is true with marketing. A communication expert offers invaluable third-party insight into your company or group and works collaboratively with your team through each stage of the marketing process.

Be wary of marketers who dismiss discovery. Jumping right in and immediately applying solutions may look like initiative or enthusiasm at first, but it’s really just a shortcut that leaves groups and companies dissatisfied and over-budget with few desired results.

With NeuConcept’s 20-plus years of experience, we know it’s best to first get to know who we’re working with, and then research our client’s industry, market factors and competition/like organizations.

#2 Map Out Goals and Objectives

When the work is clearly defined from the onset, you and your marketing team at NeuConcept will achieve the highest results in the most effective way possible. It’s important to take the time together to explore the big picture and identify what your business or organization considers success and is trying to accomplish.

This is essentially what discovery is all about: mapping out the details and creating clear expectations so you can achieve consistent targeted progress toward your goals and objectives.

#3 Tie Goals and Objectives to the Right Marketing Vehicles

After you and your marketing team at NeuConcept have identified your objectives, it’s time to turn those high-level goals into an actionable scope. The right marketing materials and strategies ultimately depend on what your organization or business is trying to accomplish.

You might want to:

  • Target a specific type of customer.
  • Grow your presence in a particular sector.
  • Increase your client base by a particular percentage.
  • Recruit more students, volunteers, donors or members for your school or non-profit group.

Today’s marketing tools range from traditional promotional products, print advertising and press releases to social media campaigns, online videos and mobile-responsive websites.

Your marketer will help you determine which is the most effective for your unique goals and needs, as well as provide you with the necessary ongoing assessment and support.

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Mary is a writer and grammar geek for NeuConcept.