Open Sourcing Entrepreneurship

I came across an article in the St. Louis Business Journal about a successful retired entrepreneur, Steve Blanks, who was open sourcing his knowledge as an entrepreneur.

Open Source Entrepreneurship resourcesBlanks has taught this information in classes at Stanford, Berkeley, Columbia, and Caltech.

An interesting concept.

We see open source working with technology, but knowledge is usually a closely-guarded secret or has a large price tag associated with it.

Learning is critical to keeping our fire burning bright… and yet, so often we have to fit it in at midnight.

We wanted to share these resources so our customers and friends can learn and grow.

I wasn’t born with an entrepreneurial mindset, but I think Brett is. It’s a different way of thinking and one that I find to be uplifting and exciting. The world looks different when you realize you can make an impact.

Things I’ve added to my personal to-do list:

Check out the entire list of free resources.

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