National Disability Navigator Resource Center (NDNRC)

National Disability Navigator Resource Center (NDNRC) is dedicated to providing cross-disability information and support for Navigators and other enrollment specialists for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) healthcare plans.

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Accessible Website & Branding

National Disability Navigator Resource Center (NDNRC) approached NeuConcept to develop their branding and digital marketing strategy from scratch. We developed branding, which focused on a iconic logo and high-contrast colors to improve visibility for accessibility. We also applied the branding to digital marketing efforts, which included a ADA-Compliant and responsive website, email marketing, and design for the Disability Guide and Fact Sheets. We continued to support NDNRC on additional major website development in later phases.

Custom Database, Automated Content Display

We also worked with the NDNRC team to develop:

  • Enrollment specialist database
  • Automated content for each state
  • Specialized tracking and analytics needed for grant reporting
  • Protected pages with custom login
  • Additional styling & accommodation for blind or visually impaired website visitors
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