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tED Magazine is published by the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) and is a leading trade magazine. It covers electrical industry news, issues, market trends and technology developments for distributors, including successful independents to national chains. The award-winning TED Magazine offers a monthly print publication, daily online news channel, interactive website and extensive educational video library.

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NeuConcept has written for tED Magazine several times on a variety of emerging trends and technology topics. As the leading trade publication for the electrical industry, tED is a great medium to reach key decision makers. We bring our deep knowledge of the electrical distribution industry to our interviews and articles.

Video & Investment IQ Website

We created a tED video as part of our development of the Going Green Investment IQ website and print materials to help distributors make educated green investment decisions. The investment IQ provided a comprehensive list of products and services distributors can offer in energy markets, along with a list of facts and figures to consider when deciding to make a particular investment.


TED Magazine