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As a St. Louis pharmaceutical biotechnology startup, Vasculox, Inc. develops groundbreaking treatments for individuals suffering from multiple cancers, pulmonary hypertension and other life-threatening conditions. In order to bring these vital therapies to market, Vasculox needed a strong online presence to partner with and inform investors, the medical community and patients.




The biotech startup had already established a strong foundation in the industry with backing from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI), Biogenerator and Missouri Technology Corporation. But without an engaging website, Vasculox risked missing vital opportunities to engage their existing investors and draw new sources of funding and support for their potentially life-saving treatments.


NeuConcept collaborated with the leaders of Vasculox to develop and launch the biotech’s website.

The NeuConcept team:

  • Established a high-functioning, mobile-responsive site to engage and educate patients, the healthcare industry and investors.
  • Successfully communicated online the company’s patients-first mission and commitment to developing effective, innovative therapies to combat critical disorders.
  • Showcased Vasculox’s break-through medical developments with clear content, appealing visuals and custom branding.
  • Bolstered the company’s online reputation through articles, medical abstracts and links to industry and business publications.


  • Created a strong, central online presence for a leading St. Louis-based biotechnology start-up.
  • Reached and engaged key audiences online (investors, the healthcare industry and patients).
  • Helped Vasculox sustain their growth momentum and increase their financial backing to raise additional investor and medical foundation funding of several million dollars.