The Power of Testimonials

No matter what you are communicating, testimonials pack a powerful punch.

Well, let me qualify for a minute: real testimonials pack a powerful punch. Fake or doctored up testimonials detract more than they help. (Who really believes infomercials?)

Gathering testimonials for your company, product or service takes effort, plus a little time and money. However, the value is priceless.

I have been writing the Website content for a custom kitchen and bath company prior to the launch of their new and improved Website. I am very familiar with this company: I have interviewed with the CEO several times, written all their promotional text and visited their location. However, the reality of what this company did–and its value–became vivid to me when I was talking to their customers to gather testimonials.

Suddenly I understood the company in a new way. Now I know that their installers are quiet and respectful, their staff is responsive and that their designers created an incredible master bath in a space when other designers said it couldn’t be done. Bottom line: testimonials showed me the key details that set them apart from their competition.

I always put testimonials in press releases, brochures, videos, Websites, and presentations. Keep the quote focused and brief, and be sure to keep the personal touch.

Testimonials add more voices and different perspectives, which ultimately adds more creditability to your communications. Plus, it makes a lot more interesting to read because everyone loves a story more than corporate-speak.


Sonia is the marketing strategist & word geek for NeuConcept.