Trusting the Expert

I heard a piece of wisdom today from a client—and I wanted to share it.

We were discussing the branding we’re developing for this new research center, and I was asking about her specific preferences.

She gave me some basic guidance and then said, “I’ve worked with a lot talented people over the years. I don’t micromanage. I’ve discovered that it’s best to let the experts do what they are best at doing. I’ve selected you as the expert, and I trust you to make the right decisions.”

Wow. What a great gift trust is. It makes a lot of sense; it empowers others; and it makes the process much more efficient. I’m going to think about this every time I have the urge to micromanage or take control. Let the experts use their expertise.

Business micromanagement


Sonia is the marketing strategist & word geek for NeuConcept.