Type is Universal

It’s no secret that I am a bit of a type geek, as well as a lover of documentaries. Whenever the two collide, I’m dancing on the inside (or outside… or both). The OffBook series continues to be an invaluable resource. Their video library is full of little digestible clips of design related topics and they bring in the experts, like Paula Scher, to give some credence.

Philosophies on the role of typography are not universal. Some see it as a means to an end, while others believe it can entirely shape the message. Either way, we are inundated with type everywhere we look, so much so that everyone is developing opinions of type – not just designers.

Some take-away’s from the video:

“I think the ultimate goal is to have as much uniqueness and understanding in every communication that you can have.” – Paula Scher

  • Type as a tool
  • Type as texture and tension
  • Type as secondary, yet essential, to visualizing data


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Natalie is art director and design geek at NeuConcept.