WordPress Wins Overall Best Open Source CMS Award

I was excited to see that WordPress has been awarded the Overall Best Open Source CMS Award in the 2009 Open Source CMS Awards. It’s a great tool! As WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg said in his post, “This is a landmark for us…it marks a shift in the public perception of WordPress, from blog software to full-featured CMS. No small contest, the Open Source CMS Awards received over 12,000 nominations and more than 23,000 votes across five categories.”

In addition to winning in the Overall Best Open Source CMS category, WordPress was named first runner-up in the Best Open Source PHP CMS category.

For those of you who are not involved with website development, this may not hit home. However, for those of us who help build websites, this award gives credibility to this incredible resource VS the expensive, home-grown CMS systems (usually inferior) that a lot of companies hawk to unsuspecting companies. Why people will pay more for less just because a slick salesman tells them its better, well, that’s another blog post.

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