Pulse Therapeutics Biotech Website

NeuConcept recently partnered with biotech start-up Pulse Therapeutics, Inc. to develop its website. The website is designed to fund, develop and market Pulse’s potentially life-saving therapies for stroke and cardiovascular disease. Principal physicists Duke Creighton and Rogers Ritter established the St. Louis-based biotechnology company in 2008.

The NeuConcept team developed the online marketing for the biotech startup, enabling it to reach key investors and promote its pioneering blood clot treating MED System™ to patients, medical professionals and the wider health community.

The online initiative consisted of:

  • Developing and launching Pulse’s first website, featuring a modern, mobile-responsive design, to educate online visitors about stroke and heart disease risks and Pulse’s ground-breaking therapies
  • Creating concise and clear messaging and content for the website, including optimizing for search engine optimization (SEO) and establishing a solid online reputation for Pulse
  • Implementing digital graphics, branding and multimedia

Since implementing its online marketing, Pulse Therapeutics has increased its engagement with key audiences (investors, patients and health professionals) and continues to attract media coverage. In addition, the company has sustained current funding and obtained additional financial backing, totaling over $6 million.

Pulse Therapeutics