Solution for Yet Another Quickbooks Fail!

Check_boxes_QuickbooksHow to fix the printing a single check in Quickbooks for Mac

This is for all the Quickbooks for Mac users out there who have encountered yet another Quickbooks FAIL!

It appears that printing a single check has been malfunctioning for quite some time in Quickbooks for Mac.

I searched the web and user forums, and it seems many are dealing with this issue.

After trying everything that was reasonable within Quickbooks, I had to develop a workaround for this accounting software error.

Here’s my solution:

  1. Print to PDF from Quickbooks 3 check interface. 2014-03-21_Print_Check_Quickbooks_Fix
  2. Open PDF in Preview
  3. Crop to 3.3 (added approximately additional .25 inch to the top)
  4. Make a custom print size of 3.5″ x 8.5″
  5. The check automatically prints vertically—Put check in tray centered – face up, with “Pay to” section of check heading into printer (opposite orientation from QB)
  6. Print
  7. Shake fist at Quickbooks and feel victorious!
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