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Snarky Puppy

2019 STL Tunes

Great music around the corner.If you have an appreciation for quality tunes or ever played an instrument in your lifetime, consider checking out these events. I hope to be at as many as I can!😉 Sunday, May 19, 2019, 7pmSnarky Puppy Pavilion at Atomic Cowboy$35+FEES Saturday, June 15, 2019, 3:00pm-10:30pmCHESTERFIELD WINE & JAZZ FESTIVALDave Weckl…

How I Programmed Philips Hue Lights to Notify Me of Baseball Scores for Icee Deals

Update (May 2019): ESPN has discontinued IFTTT integration months ago, and I’m still looking for a simple alternative rather than scraping scores with some custom Python code or something similar. Suggestions welcome, as the below info May no longer apply. Hacker Fun for Baseball Drink Deals: Want to take advantage of local deals based on…

2018 June and July Tunes

Look for me! I’m pretty excited about some upcoming musicianship here in St. Louis, both held at the Chesterfield Amphitheater. Only 15 minutes away for me and got a buddy coming from WI, so you know it’s worthy. 😉 It’s tough finding great videos because many labels and artists haven’t all recognized the benefit of…
pumpkin pie mini

Pumpkin Yum – Our Favorite Pumpkin Recipes for Thanksgiving

As pumpkin lovers, this time of year is amazing! Many pumpkin recipes, so little time We had gathered up a bunch of great sounding recipes from friends, blogs and social media… Now what to do? Make a bunch of pumpkin recipes on a cold Saturday, that’s what! The contenders Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bars Ultra-healthy vegan…

15 Worst Passwords

Were these users too busy, lazy, forgetful or just looking for a good laugh? We’ve all been there: you’ve got a million things to do at work, school or home and just need to quickly access that one email, bank transaction, school assignment or work project. And…you can’t remember your password. After some creative self-help…

Yummy Tunes

If there are any musicians out there, you missed some ridiculous chops a few weeks ago. I’m still recovering! 😉 I was very fortunate to catch Snarky Puppy at the Old Rock House in September. More a fan of the band than the venue. I learned to show up early which we did. I think…

Hilarious IKEA Catalog iPad Spoof

Bravo! This is an excellent example of Apple doing something right (enough for someone to copy them), and incredibly creative for IKEA and their team to develop such a humorous and accurate spoof. Love it and had to share…

Tasty JazzRock STL Tunes Summer/Fall 2014

Some worthwhile concerts have been making their way to St. Louis lately. I’m quite excited… 😉 Below are a few you’ll likely see me at – and super reasonable price too. If you appreciate musicianship at any level, consider one or ALL for sure. I tried to link to ticket info, then a video clip…
Word Crimes Weird Al Grammar

Loving the New “Word Crimes” Video by Weird Al—Educational and Hilarious

Word Nerds across America are laughing and sharing Weird Al’s new video, “Word Crimes.” It’s a parody of “Blurred Lines” that cleverly covers grammar mistakes, plus throws in a healthy dose of insults to keep it interesting. My fellow English majors and writers are already sharing it and laughing out loud. Thanks to my buddies…
Conference call in real life

Hilarious Truth About Conference Calls

Some things are just done right! This is one of them. And somehow we get a taste of this regularly.
Hevetica perfume

When You Need More Helvetica

This—Helvetica Perfume—shouldn’t surprise me that Helvetica could become a perfume when we see it in every other facet of our lives. This is almost as good as when I generated a promotional piece from a client that requested I use the typeface, “Hel-teef-a.” This is one gag gift item that I had to share as…

Manufacture Creativity with 3D Printing

As creators, we were fascinated by this video on 3D printer, Shapeways. 3D printing has almost become a buzzword, but this excellent web series, Small Empires on the Verge, shows us how it works and how an average person can use 3D printing. It made us want to start designing stuff!
Linkedin Top 5 Most Viewed

Linkedin Coolness

We have to admit we feel pretty cool. The NeuConcept team was pretty well represented on a recent “Top users” on Linkedin. Brett made the Top 10 most viewed profiles and I (Sonia) made the Top 5! Connect with us on Linkedin or our other social media (Facebook, Twitter).
Getting older Bank of America

Getting Older Bank of America-Style

When I came across this slider graphic for Bank of America, I had to post it and make a comment. If this graphic were true, then when we age, our faces get more dirty? I realize that aging someone effectively is difficult for even Hollywood, but these Photoshop efforts are almost giggle-worthy. I think we…

CSS Coolness

It’s fantastic when folks generate things just because they’re cool (color changes the RGB value for every digit). Nice!

Friday Fun: A Funny Depiction of What Happens Too Often in the Design Process

This cartoon says it all… and it is very funny. How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell For those of us involved in design, web development, writing, videos and anything that’s not straight-up accounting, we’ve all had this experience. A client hires you for your expertise and then… well, you know. Check this scenario…

Say What? Funny real conversation with a Quickbooks customer service rep

After I wrote my review on Quickbooks, my husband shared a humorous instant message conversation he had with Quickbooks customer service. We can’t win, so we might as well laugh! For your reading entertainment, here’s the recent “circular” conversation that my husband had with Quickbooks customer service regarding an upgrade for the 2009 version. Very…

I Love

So often we think about what we hate on the computer… for me it’s MS Word (clunky is a compliment!). But I’d like to focus on a website that I love: I’d like to give them a shout out because this website is simple, does it’s job well, and connects to a great thesaurus.…
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