How to Be Trustworthy

I’ve been devouring my “magazines to read” pile. I came across an excellent article on trust in Associations Now magazine by Michelle and Dennis Reina. It’s critical to being a good leader, which seems to be something everyone should know if they don’t. However, one little sidebar on the article really stood out to me… not so much as a business tip but rather a personal goal.

I want to be trustworthy. And I thought this was a great list of what it takes for others to put their trust in you.

We are inclined to trust leaders…

  • who are self-aware
  • who take responsibility for their role in the relationship
  • who demonstrate that they consider the best interests of others rather than just themselves
  • who do what they say they will do
  • who practice the values they tell us are important to them
  • who listen and respond to our needs and interests

Wow… may God help me to be a person like this.

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